About MyPrograms

In this site you can find apps which are addressed to small businesses or serve educational purposes. Some of these apps are available for free testing and use. You can also preview a short description and screenshots below.

For any questions or remarks feel free to contact me at mypro.eu@gmail.com.

Normalization Educational Tool

This program is based on algorithms that implement the existing theory of functional dependencies and normalization. By using the normalization process, we can simplify the creation of a database scheme and significantly limit the anomalies and mistakes of irregularities in the import, editing and deletion of records.


Analytic Hierarchy Process

This program introduces the user to Analytic Hierarcy Process, developed by Thomas Saaty in 1980. It depends on decomposing a complicated problem into its referential parts, organized in a hierarchical structure.

Program setup (available in Greek language only)

Elections Simulator

This program simulates the elections results process using a random generator for the voting system. The randomize algorithm is based on the recent elections in Greece and the percentage each party received by county.

Program setup (available in Greek language only)

Car Service Customers Logistics

This program attends to car services garages, providing database for their customers and cars, as well as the required repairing tasks.

Stock Portfolio Xaaos

This program features the companies in Athens Stock Exchange, presenting fundamental data (profits, equity, dividends), statistical tools and technical analysis indicators.

Program setup (available in Greek language only)